C-men set To ROCK Kyiv’s Route 66 on Saturday March 7!

Fresh from a triumphant gig at Bochka Khmelna, The C-Men set sail for Route 66, Kyiv’s home of rock ‘n’ roll and bikers.

Wear your comfortable shoes, because The C-Men are going to have you on your feet from the outset and you won’t get a rest until the amps are turned off.

It’s going to be another high-volume festival of the very best of 1970s and 1980s punk, along with the expected inC-MENizations of classics of pop, country and whatever the hell takes our fancy!

Get yourself down to Route 66 and The C-Men will take care of the rest.


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10 Responses to “C-men set To ROCK Kyiv’s Route 66 on Saturday March 7!”

  1. Etcetera Says:

    Oh, it is going to be cool!
    We will try to attend this performance.

    P.S. Sorry, my English is not good 😉

  2. blairsheridan Says:

    Your English is great! Looking forward to seeing you there.


  3. Etcetera Says:

    I want to ask you to get more information next week?
    Route 66 said they are going to have Yulia Lord on March 7…

  4. Etcetera Says:

    oh, “to give more information” of course…
    I am not a wizard I am still studying… English :))
    It is not easy but very interesting 🙂

  5. blairsheridan Says:

    I will give you all the information I get – when I get it 🙂

    I checked the Route 66 website yesterday and it says that we’re playing the 7th, along with the Second Breath band. I don’t think I’ve seen them, but I’ve definitely heard of them.

    I agree with you about English: I used to teach it and am always amzed that anyone can learn it at all! 🙂

  6. Etcetera Says:

    I have a new question 🙂
    Is the rule to present any flowers to punk-rock musicians or I will have to bring something else like… Oh, like what? I can’t realize 😉

  7. blairsheridan Says:

    You know, it’s really lovely that you would think of giving us ANYTHING. I can tell you one thing for sure: WE ARE HAPPIEST WHEN YOU ARE THERE! Your presence at the show is more than enough!

    I think other punkers would answer the same way. We all love most to see people shouting, singing and sweating along with us. 🙂

  8. Etcetera Says:

    We have booked 14th table on Saturday.
    It is a good chance to meet with C-men 😉
    Oh, I want to say you – there is an old information on the Route 66 website. It is about STINX and Animal’s Session and makes people puzzled, I guess 🙂

  9. blairsheridan Says:

    Thanks for the tip about the afisha on the Route 66 site! I’ll see if I can get them to change it!

    Let us know who you are at the show, so we can have a chat!

  10. etcetera Says:

    Доброе утро, Blair! 
    Буду общаться сегодня на русском. Пыталась найти компромисс между тем, что я МОГУ сказать на английском и тем, что я ХОЧУ сказать на русском, выбрала второй вариант, он более многословный 😉

    Спасибо за вчерашний вечер, было здорово! Это лучшее предпразднование 8 Марта, которое я видела – искренняя и настоящая музыка для искренних и настоящих 😉 Манера исполнения Мика приводит меня в восторг, не меньше. Он очень красиво делает большие глаза, показывает язык и даже нечаянно тыкает себя в глаз во время исполнения I want to be your dog – класс! :)))))) Нам с мужем все понравилось, правда, в ушах немного звенит и сегодня…

    Подумала, что не воспользовалась случаем и не задала кучу вопросов – как встретились C-Men – север Англии, Монреаль и Украина, я так подозреваю, в Киеве; почему именно так называется группа; музыка – это основное занятие участников группы или хобби; есть ли у вас свои песни и жив ли дух бунтарства по-настоящему…

    В общем, придется встречаться еще раз, видимо 😉
    Спасибо еще раз! Это был очень теплый концерт!

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