What the hell is Ukraine’s foreign service doing?

I understand that it must be frustrating for patriotic Ukrainians, resentful of what looks like a Western Europe that doesn’t take their homeland seriously.

How must they feel when they see this.

It’s madness! How are other countries to think of Ukraine, when the latter’s PM claims the President is corrupt and covering for others even more so, while he claims the PM is an agent of the Kremlin? How can others be reasonably expected to think of such a country?


2 Responses to “What the hell is Ukraine’s foreign service doing?”

  1. Taras Says:

    Good point! Our schizophrenic government gets us only so far.

  2. Asehpe Says:

    There is a lot of sympathy for Ukraine in other countries — especially Poland and other former Communist countries in the EU would like to support it more and more. But Yushchenko’s government and his eternal fights with Tymoshenko doesn’t let this sympathy flourish.

    I’m beginning to wonder if, all in all, it wouldn’t have been better if Yushchenko had never become president. Would Yanukovich have been so widely distrusted and even hated by his own countrymen after a few years in power?

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