The C-Men LIVE at Bochka (B. Khmelnitskogo,) Feb. 21st!

Oh yes…

The endless Christmas, New Year, Christmas, Old New Year, Chinese New Year holidays are finally over!  And with the season of goodwill to all men (women, too) and love over, The C-Men plan to get right back down to playing VERY LOUD PUNK ROCK.  There – I’ve said it.

We’ve been working hard on filling out the set and are getting close to the "magic number" of 40 songs. The new stuff we’ve added gives me no end of happiness.  I’d tell you all about it, but I want it to be a surprise.

Last, but not least, it looks like we’ll have 2 great bands playing with us on the night.  We’ve asked Animals Session and STINX to be part of the show!  Tell me that’s not a great night of punk ‘n’ roll!

Once we work out the details of the entry fee and the final start time, etc. I’ll be posting regular reminders.

We want to see you all out there!  We guarantee a big night.



One Response to “The C-Men LIVE at Bochka (B. Khmelnitskogo,) Feb. 21st!”

  1. ksu_psu Says:

    yeah yeah yeah!!!!great!!!!I’m happy))

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