This is a road Ukraine should not even consider…

What is Mr. Nalivaichenko thinking?  First off, the Russian law (laying out penalties for insulting the president) is hardly democratic.  Secondly, where on earth does he get his information, according to which American citizens can be pubished for insulting the U.S. President, his Cabinet or even – as Nalivaichenko states – people who work in the White House?  Let’s face it:  American jails would be chock-full of Republican critics of Clinton and Democrat critics of Bush, at the very least, if this were true.

That Nalivaichenko is Acting Head of the SBU makes it even more disappointing.  Shouldn’t he have more accurate information, especially as it’s all in the public domain?

Read it and weep here.

UPDATE:  Maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh on Nalivaichenko’s knowledge of American traditions regarding freedom of speech.  After all, here’s an American who seems to have no clue herself (disregard spelling):

The Dixie Chicks told a London audience they were “ashamed to be from Texas because of President Bush.”  The defimation was a direct assault on all Americans and a cudos for the enemy. 

Lisa Richards – you are the weakest link.


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