Too tired to be jittery

Just a couple of hours before the Bochka gig…

Still tired.  Got up at 05:45 this morning, to have a cup of coffee before heading off to the incredibly early soundcheck.  I got to Bochka about five minutes early, in time to be way earlier than any other C-Man.

As I walked in, I had to pass on the stairs an obviously shattered Maxine, keyboards and vocals for Asleep in the Park.  They played a cracker in Sumy last night and drove straight to Bochka.  Marty, Asleep’s guitarist, was in better form, laughing, joking and even managing to dance to @Traktor’s soundcheck. Simon and Naomi – drums and bass, respectively, were passed out on the bench seats by the side of the room. As Sasha and Alyona thundered, they slept on, but as soon as the music stopped, Naomi stirred!

Ira stumbled in, then Dave.  Mick the Prima Donna, was comfortably asleep at home, more than likely under his Fantastic Four blanket and sporting his Bob the Builder pyjamas.

Ira, Dave and I got up, did 3 songs and went home.  I had promoised to take the kids to watch rugby today and then MacDonald’s.  Almost fell asleep why watching the matches, which is something of a commentary on the quality of the rugby played.

Just woke up after a short restorative nap and am getting all of one’s stuff together for the big gig.

Wish us luck.



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