Pre-gig angst

Just three days and one rehearsal left before The C-Men hit the “stage” (there isn’t one) at O’Brien’s.

I’m naturally nervous, as this is really our first gig together.  When we played for Sean’s birthday out at Skolmo, Ira was still ill, so it wasn’t the “real C-Men line-up” (but, again, thanks go out to Euan for filling in so superbly on bass.)  Also, 8 bands played that night, whereas it’s us and only us on Saturday.  Lastly, the Skolmo gig was marked by the “samogon incident.”  Brrr…

It’s bound to be a fairly crazy day.  Aside from the nerves, I’m got to deal with a list of things to do to make as certain as possible that everything goes as it should.  Apart from cleaning strings, adjusting necks, checking/changing batteries, etc., I’ve got to see to it that the rented gear gets to O’Brien’s and gets set up on-time and properly.  By the way, anyone who would like to help me out in the latter is GUARANTEED free admission and a free beer or two from me.  Then, we’ve got to learn the ins and outs of the gear and do at least a cursory sound check, possibly over strenuous objections from football-watching drinkers.

I only hope I’ll have time to have my traditional pre-gig massage and a shower before we go on.

Today, we’ll have our last rehearsal, then all will be in the hands of the gods.

With that in mind, I raise the following prayers:

To Jammus, the god of Kyiv Traffic: please let us get equipment to the pub on time and without too much hassle.

To Apathetus, god of “Music Lovers”: lead thy people to the pub to support us.

To Mnemnos, god of Memory:  let not thy sons and daughter forget their parts and fuck everything up.

To Boozus, god of Alcohol:  get thee behind me!



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