The perils of absinthe

Rehearsal again last night, as we try to get the set in shape for what is really our Kyiv debut.  Though things are really starting to come together and we’re adding songs to the set at a pretty good pace, there’s still some work to do before we get to the level where we’re confident that people will be blown away and will never want to see another band in their lives…EVER.

Before rehearsal, I tripped along to Bochka to meet an old friend of mine from the Montreal Wanderers Rugby Club.  Aaron’s been living and working in NYC for a while now, but he still appreciates a good beer and was (suitably) impressed with Chernihivske Svitle – a lovely beer (and if Chernihivske would like to sponsor us, we’d be only too happy to drink ourselves into alcoholism for the cause.) 

A certain other band member joined me at Bochka.  We all had a couple of beers and I got ready to go, but this unnamed member (“member,” so as not to say “dick” ) insisted upon a parting shot of absinthe.  As I am afraid of anything that green and vile-smelling, I declined and had my boring old screwdriver.  Those finished, we headed off.

Suffice to say that I now know why absinthe was banned for so long in some European countries.  My colleague soon found even switching his amp on to be a task of Augean stable proportions.

Perhaps not the best time for our friends from Australian band Asleep in the Park (got to their page and listen to the excellent music) to drop in on our rehearsal since – in addition to extreme drunkenness – we were suffering from the “weren’t you supposed to play that part – no, YOU were” disease.)  Ah well, live and learn and it was nice to see them again.

Asleep in the Park is doing at least 10 dates around Ukraine over the next 3 weeks, so I hope that some of the Kyiv-based among you will go check them out, as they’re well worth it.


2 Responses to “The perils of absinthe”

  1. TulipGirl Says:

    Ahhh. . . absinthe. . . Tried it when we were renewing our visa in Prague a couple years ago. Vile and green and. . . wow. . .

  2. blairsheridan Says:

    It’s not a drink – it’s a drug and I JUST SAY NO! 🙂

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