About The C-Men (possibly the world’s greatest band. I SAID “possibly”)

Vasyl of UAMUZIK wrote a very nice piece about us here, but I thought I’d give a little more background.

The idea of forming a band to cover punk classics came to me sometime last winter.  I’ve seen a lot of great bands here, but never heard anyone doing the good ol’ Pistols, Clash, etc.  When I was playing in Speeding Lisa, there was more or less a moratorium on punk stuff, so I was itching to find an opportunity to play them.

After getting to know Mick from Death Valley Screamers pretty well, I asked him what he thought about it.  He was very enthusiastic, but also very drunk, so I made sure to call him the next day to rope him in, which I did.  He said he wanted to be the frontman, to which I agreed with the greatest pleasure!

Ira had been playing with Speeding Lisa, so when that fell apart, she (a punk lover, too) was quite happy to take a chance on something new.  So, we had two guitars and a bass in the picture and now began the daunting drummer search.

Drummers are always hard to find.  It takes a long time to be a good one, in my opinion.  Plus, the gear’s really expensive, so drummers tend to be few and far between.  I was expecting a torturous search…

But, lo!  Who, it turns out, is a drummer?  None other than Dave Lee, intrepid radio show host, graphic gizmo artist and funnyman!  I hadn’t had any idea up until then, but Dave had played with an English band called, somewhat prophetically, The Ukrainians (which had grown out of The Wedding Present.)  Dave has an encyclodpaedic knowledge of music and favours punk.

So that was it – all the parts were in place.

And now, we’ll see how well the machine works, when we play our first real gig.


Be there!

Anyway, you can check out our main wesbite HERE, or see us on Facebook and MySpace.


2 Responses to “About The C-Men (possibly the world’s greatest band. I SAID “possibly”)”

  1. TulipGirl Says:

    Did I ever tell you that the soundtrack for our last six weeks in Kyiv was I wanna be sedated?

    Yup. Great music to pack and jump through custom’s hoops to. . . It memory of that, Hubby and I both have it as our ring tone for our cell phone when the other calls. *eg*

    You are going to play Bullet with Butterfly Wings for me, aren’t you?

  2. blairsheridan Says:

    Hi Sasha,

    We’re not doing BwBW yet…but, who knows? 🙂

    I’ve sent you the top secret set list!

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