Happy Canada Day!

Today is the long-awaited day when Canadians of all races, poilitical stripes and creeds can relax after a tough weekend of drinking beer and barbequeing…by drinking beer and barbequeing.

It’s a tough life, being a Canuck.

The Maple Leaf will be flying outside my little Kyiv domicile today.

On the radio show last night, I saluted Canada with an all-Canadian independent music show.  Great fun.



2 Responses to “Happy Canada Day!”

  1. Pawlina Says:

    You have a radio show? Where and when? Does it stream online?

  2. blairsheridan Says:

    Hi Pawlina,

    I do a show called “A Drink and A Smoke, A Laugh and A Joke” with a couple of other musicians on Radio Roks here. It actually started off as a show for Sear Carr (Tymoshenko’s son-in-law) and his old friend and guitarist, Mick Lake, from DVS (www.dvs-band.com), and I was merely a guest. Now, I’m a regular.

    It’s an English-speaking show where we play all the music we like – anything from punk to country. Young Ukrainian musicians are frequent guests.

    The show hits the air on Mondays from 18:00 to 19:00 live, but the taped version is repeated daily. You can find the schedule here (http://radiorocks.com.ua/schedule.html).

    It used to stream online, but doesn’t anymore. Management has promised to get it working again though! When they do, I’ll let you know.


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