A new low in Ukrainian politics?


When reading this piece, you have to ask yourself, “Can Ukrainian politicians get any lower?” I have faith that the twit that is Zvarych can indeed!

So, Mr. Zvarych (he of the invented MA from Columbia) now demands that the SBU not only look into whether But received Ukrainian citizenship legally, but whether he is actually employed by the FSB!

The natural question that follow is, “If deputies [had] reason to suspect that But received citizenship illegally, why did they keep their mouths shut about it until now?” It seems altogether too much to believe that, on the day that But quit NUNS, the members of the latter had some kind of epiphany – “We’re shocked…SHOCKED!” It doesn’t wash and, despite the practice that Zvarych has had at lying, he can’t pull it off.

And Zvarych himself doesn’t even believe the garbage he’s spouting, since he moves on to immediately talk about how unpleasant life will be for But in parliament. In other words, “We now there’s nothing wrong with his citizenship, and we’re going to have to see him in the Rada, so we’re going to gang up and bully him.” You don’t have to like But to see this as the nadir of NUNS.

Angry or hurt by faring so badly in elections to the Rada and the Kyiv City Council, led by such idiots as Zvarych (who bald-faced lied about his academic qualifications), and thoroughly adrift in terms of policy and effectiveness, NUNS looks to lash out and sees “traitors” everywhere.


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