Back from Montreal…

Hey there,

Had a superb 8 days in Montreal, house-hunting and taking part in a drink-soaked 50th anniversary celebration for my club, the Montreal Wanderers RFC. Great to see a lot of the fellows I played with starting in 1981. Some serious hangovers, but no serious injuries, despite the fact that I hadn’t played in 5 years, after doing my back in at a training session in Kazakhstan. Two days after the match, however, I did manage to twist my ankle painfully, getting up out of an armchair at my mother’s! The ravages of age…

The Ukrainian election campaign is in full, brutal swing. I hope to have some time to jot down some of my impressions tomorrow. For now, all I can say is that, whatever party is elected is going to have to come up with unimaginable stacks of cash to pay for all our their promises. What am I saying…?


One Response to “Back from Montreal…”

  1. Montreal Web Design Says:

    Too bad you’ve left Montreal. They have these new Velibs ready to be tested here, in the city 🙂

    Maybe next time we’ll take a ride in the city…

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