Send soothing whisky, please

The Habs (the Montreal Canadiens, for the unitiated) lost 6-5 to Toronto last night and are, thus, out of the playoffs.

A real roller-coaster season comes to an end, with big highs and even bigger lows.


  • the play of Chris Higgins and the whole “CAT Line”
  • Saku Koivu is still the man
  • Sheldon Souray setting the record for power-play goals by a defenceman
  • Jarolslav Halak showed the makings of a good goalie


  • we’re out of the &!^#%! playoffs
  • Souray is likely to leave the Habs in the off-season
  • Alex Kovalev played like a twit for a great deal of the season

Oh well. I’ll now be cheering for Canada’s team in the World Women’s Hockey Championship – go get ’em!


2 Responses to “Send soothing whisky, please”

  1. Timothy Says:

    What about the Anaheim Ducks? Isn’t that a highlight? I am insulted that you haven’t updated your blog to recognize such an event. Where are the buzkashi updates? šŸ˜‰ Love the blog!

  2. Blair Sheridan Says:

    Tim TObey! As I live and breathe! How the hell are you? How are Vernika and the kids?

    When the Habs take up buzkashi, I will update our great victories in the Afghan Cup.

    As for the Ducks…I was cherring BIG TIME for the Sens. And what do you care, anyway? You’re an Okie! šŸ™‚

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