A couple of photos of today’s Maidan, around noon

I took these today, as I ambled down to the Main Post Office to check my mailbox.

The first shows what looks like a pretty even split between the supporters of the Party of Regions and Socialists.

This one shows the Yanukovich supporters drawn up in ranks, getting ready to march off somewhere (I think they went to the Central Electoral Commission.) They were well marshalled by party activists, who had them moving off in sections. One older fellow was well drunk, but he was the only one I saw. All in all, I found it very hard to tell them from the supporters of BYuT or NSNU that one sees, as a great many seemed to be of university age.

Most importantly, it seems as though the supporters of all sides have been very well behaved.

I couldn’t tell what was happening on the stage, but there were sounds emanating from it akin to Tuvan throat singing. From where I was standing, the sound quality was very poor, but if that was a speaker, he should be nominated for Boring Drone of the Year.


2 Responses to “A couple of photos of today’s Maidan, around noon”

  1. Mariya Says:

    Hi Blair,

    sorry for posting offtopic, but didnt manage to find any other contact of you here.

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  2. Blair Sheridan Says:

    Dear Mariya,

    Looks like a good site, so I’m happy to add a link.


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