Latvian-Russian Border Treaty to be Signed

I confess to a less-than-complete understanding of Latvian history and contemporary issues with Russia. I do, however, have a friend who understands them very well and has spoken eloquently on them, time and again.

The border treaty issue has been exercising him for some time and I think I finally understand why. With the treaty due to be signed, Latvia, in essence, not only turns its back on a piece of land forcibly taken from her, but also hamstrings itself, to an extent, in its ongoing struggle to have Russia recognise the fact that Latvia was forcibly incorporated into the USSR, leading to horrors of deportation and decades of subjugation.

I join him in wishing that Russia could recognise its sins of the past, if only for the sake of – I fervently hope – a brighter future.

For those who would like a much more in-depth look at this, and other, Latvian questions, I heartily recommend my friend’s blog, Marginalia .


One Response to “Latvian-Russian Border Treaty to be Signed”

  1. Pēteris Cedriņš Says:

    Thanks, Blair. It is a bleak day, yes. I am all for looking to the future, and I don’t see getting Abrene back as something in the cards — but how we do this ought to be different. Very different.

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