A feel-good post for Canadians?

(from The Economist, http://www.economist.com/research/articlesBySubject/displaystory.cfm?subjectid=7933596&story_id=8810655)
I’m not above tub-thumping for my home and native land. I love Canada and am thoroughly unashamed of saying so.

What is especially nice is to see that others, apparently, think of us in a rather good light as well.

That said, what is one to make of the awful rating for Israel? Or of the fact that The U.S. and Russia score nearly the same in positives, but that the U.S. rates worse among the negatives? The U.S. scores worse than North Korea. Yikes.

Perhaps those results, as well as the Canada-love, is more reflective of demonisation and idealisation, respectively?


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